People Nerds 2022 Lockup
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/əˈdæpt/: To shift our perspectives and processes to suit a new world of research

Since our last event, the research landscape (and world) has changed in ways none of us could have anticipated. These three years have pushed us all to rethink our approaches, methodology, and overall work style.

Join us on October 19th to hear from leaders—both in and outside of UX—on what truly human-centered innovation will look like in years to come. in? Sign up to attend People Nerds 2022



Headshot of Samin Nosrat

Samin Nosrat

Cookbook Author and
Netflix Series Host
Headshot of Amy Rothbaum

Amy Rothbaum

UX Research Operations Lead @ Charles Schwab
Headshot of Devin Harold

Devin Harold

Director of UX Research
@ Capital One
Headshot of Kiley Sobel

Kiley Sobel

Senior UX Researcher
@ Duolingo
Headshot of Lowelle Reade

Lowell Reade

Senior UX Research Program Manager @ Duolingo
Headshot of Taylor Kim

Taylor Kim

Senior Employee Experience Researcher @ Shopify
Headshot of Nikki Smith

Dr. Nikki Smith

Experience Research Manager @ Enterprise
Headshot of Angeline Vu

Angeline Vu

UX Research
@ Thumbtack
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